PharmaSwiss HQ

PharmaSwiss SA, Bundesplatz 1, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland, Tel: +41(41)729-5800

Our Territories

PharmaSwiss operates in 19 countries, including 17 in Central and Eastern Europe consisting of Albania, the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Bulgaria, Czech, the ex-Yugoslavia countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia), Greece, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

In the challenging economic and political environment over the past three years, the Central and Eastern European region has made impressive achievements in structural reform, economic growth and deepening democratization. 11 of our PharmaSwiss’ 19 countries are now EU members, and seven of the remaining (including most recently Serbia) are formally confirmed as EU candidate members, which means they have been approved to enter the EU accession process. Israel, our nineteenth country, has also made remarkable economic progress, and was recently brought to the fraternity of developed economies, being named an OECD country in 2010.

Certainly, some of the greatest challenges lay ahead – the worldwide recession revealed an overhang of debt, both public and external, in several countries of the region. Yet in spite of the risk inherent in doing business in our region, opportunities abound for multinational healthcare companies. The region is growing faster than most of Western Europe, and the main economies of the region such as Czech and Poland, are emerging from the recession almost unscathed, with secular growth rates returning to baseline. Healthcare spending remains in most countries at less than half the EU norm, and the opportunity is clear.

PharmaSwiss was formed with a focused agenda: To help our partner healthcare companies to penetrate the markets of our region faster. In a word, PharmaSwiss helps companies seize the opportunity of entering Europe’s fastest-growing markets, while managing the risk.

Country GPD per capita US$ Population
Albania 6,400 3,639,453
Bosnia and Herzegovina 6,400 4,613,414
Bulgaria 12,500 7,204,687
Croatia 17,500 4,489,409
Czech Republic 24,900 10,211,904
Estonia 18,500 1,299,371
Greece 31,000 10,737,428
Hungary 18,800 9,905,596
Israel 28,400 7,233,701
Kosovo 2,500 1,804, 838
Latvia 14,400 2,231,503
Lithuania 15,500 3,555,179
Macedonia 9,100 2,066,718
Montenegro 9,800 672,180
Poland 17,900 38,482,919
Romania 11,500 22,215,421
Serbia 10,600 7,379,339
Slovakia 21,100 5,463,046
Slovenia 27,700 2,005,692