PharmaSwiss is developing a growing portfolio of pharmaceutical products to meet some of the most urgent & unmet medical needs in the region where it operates.

With our product portfolio focused  in 7  therapeutic areas (heart and circulatory diseases, pain management, anti-infectives, rheumatic diseases, neurological and psychiatric conditions, oncology, gastroenterology), PharmaSwiss helps to stop further development, treat& and prevent many of the most common, and most challenging medical conditions of nowadays society. In addition, PharmaSwiss is dedicated to improve the lives of patients with many other diseases, including metabolic disorders, different skin conditions, pediatric diseases, women’s health and urological problems.

Some of our OTC brands, such as Cardiopirin, Mucopront, OmegaDefend, Mamavit, DicloFlex, Swiss Relief Spray Gel, Rapidol and many others are already very well known to the customers in our region. The OTC part of our product portfolio brings an additional dynamic dimension to our company, but, as for all of our products, evidence-based medicine is always behind our OTC brands.

Our intention is also to create partnerships with healthcare professionals and customers to ensure access to our products, but to educate and empower consumers, too.

Year by year, our products help saving and improving the lives of millions of people.  We are proud of our history of bringing new products & innovative formulations to our markets.

Please be aware that some of our products being in various stages of regulatory approval around the region of Central and Eastern Europe, Greece and Israel and might not yet be available in every country.

The Product section of PharmaSwiss Web site presented here is intended for use in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, Greece and Israel, where PharmaSwiss is present with these products. Other countries may have different regulatory requirements and review practices that may require referencing different information.